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We're A New Sales Channel For You

If you are a home or apartment builder, developer or a real estate agent looking to open a new sales channel, then we want to hear from you!

A New Sales Channel

You can legitimately increase your sales (or those of your vendor clients)  by bringing your available completed housing stock (or land for sale off the plan with a building contract) to Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd and Haigslea Residential Limited to be made available by us at to our Assquire® investors (on normal 60 day settlement terms) as purchaser, and from the Assquire® investors (on extended settlement terms) to a Mortgage Alternative customer for more immediate occupation.

You can even market this to your own investor leads, who can then become an Assquire investor by reviewing our application process at and applying here.

Now what property developers, home builders and vendors don’t want a new channel of buyers?

So here are the details:

We invite builders, developers and real estate agents to become accredited product agents and become sub-licensed to use this new sales channel for a very reasonable fee and use the product website marketing to provide Assquire® investors and Mortgage Alternative home buyers with quality residential stock to buy (as it becomes available) to Assquire® investors and Mortgage Alternative customers. Vendors may wish to advertise their stock on our Assquire® investor website, where our fees are set out here.

Note that Mortgage Alternative is a consumer choice model for buyers to be partnered with individual residential property investors and/or institutional capital (Residential Funds) and we are not simply there to sell stock for you, so the buying price must be right and its basis supported by an independent panel valuation, which HRL will commission at the Assquire investor’s cost. This is explained at step 8 of the Assquire application process here.

When institutions enter this market, this will potentially be an individual residential property investor (or institutional property fund looking to purchase quality residential property on a cash offer basis in many cases) to satisfy the requirements of Mortgage Alternative clients.  This is not a mechanism to off-load overvalued, market unacceptable or difficult product.  The process of acquisition includes the need for a vendor or Assquire investor to obtain an independent valuation and building inspection, in the case of established homes in return for their real estate agent receiving a listing of their vendor client’s property on our Mortgage Alternative website, for a Mortgage Alternative buyer’s and an Assquire® investor’s viewing simultaneously.  (Our target facebook audience for the website in Brisbane alone is over 480,000 people.)

A purchaser Fund may be expecting to pay beneath a market assessment of the property due to the favourable cash unconditional terms and the certainty provided by a cash-purchaser.  I.e. this is not a willing buyer – willing seller scenario, but it is a fair price for cash. In the non-institutional Personal Assquire® contract (PAC) case where there may be subject to finance clauses, willing buyer and willing seller may apply.

The panel valuation is expected to make it easier for builders and real estate agents and their vendors too, in order to convince both Assquire® investors and MA buyers to buy homes using Assquire® contracts and Mortgage Alternative respectively, as they have more confidence in the price they are paying and are less likely to suffer buyer’s remorse (a feeling they jumped in and paid too much for the property).

Builders, property developers and real estate agents can (respectively) bring us either a developer/builder or customer with a home to sell …..and possibly also a buyer enquiry to enjoy the features and benefits of our innovative financing alternative. A perfect match!

Indeed as consumers, financial planners and mortgage brokers become more and more aware of our Mortgage Alternative product, through our own independent advertising, it is likely that many consumers may approach us directly or will approach you to apply Mortgage Alternative (as a legitimate finance alternative) to your stock for sale, which can only occur if your real estate stock is on our approved list or approved on our website.  A great reason for you to take the time now to contact our team and get your real estate stock up on our Assquire® website first on the “Homes” page.

Mortgage Alternative is looking for qualifying new and established housing stock (both detached homes and apartments in completed form) in Southeast Queensland & Sydney to match with interested home buyers today, and it is first come first served for our Assquire® investors and MA buyers now we are launched. Interest from Melbourne is also encouraged.

What the Investment Funds Require:

Here’s how it works…

Because our buyers are to be backed by Assquire® residential property investors first then later adding major institutional funds, once the contract for sale and purchase is signed, the settlement risk is extremely low for the vendor as you are selling to an investor whose yield is now over double what it has traditionally been, or to an institutionally backed Residential Fund. Personal Assquire® Contract investors wait listed have already been credit assessed and approved by Haigslea Residential, so you will know that finance will not be a problem for them.

However, before we can achieve this, Assquire® investors acting individually as Assquire® investors and Investment funds managers in the institutional stream of MA first want to know the quality of the home and its location, age and structural condition as well as the credit quality of the buying “owner occupier” customer….. and our business model is to apply the innovation we have licensed to have both home and buyer “owner occupier” identified, qualified by us and matched  by us for independent presentation by us to our Personal Assquire® investors and our institutional Funds (when formed) through their Investment Committees.

We submit the matched qualified customers and homes to our Personal Assquire® Contract investors or the relevant Fund manager  for its Investment Committee’s approval, in accordance with the Fund investors’ investment mandate conditions to its fund manager. This approval must be given before they release the funds – to buy the properties from you or your vendors. Some PAC investors may not necessarily require a matching to MA buyer, before they purchase your property. That is a matter for them, as investor demand is expected to be high.

This process of securing either developers/builders, or real estate agents (but not established home vendors direct) for the purpose of identifying, qualifying and matching buyers to homes is the purpose of the priority Expression of Interest registrations for both MA buyers and Personal Assquire® contract investors, which is now underway. The first stock uploaded will have the least vendor competition for an Assquire® sale.

Licensing developers and builders to provide housing stock, and identifying its location and quality, will be collated by Mortgage Alternative and Haigslea Residential with customer orders through our MA Application webpage at and with Personal Assquire® Contract investor interest through their Investor registration webpage at We are actively encouraging real estate agents and builders to place stock for sale on our Investor website, to offer Assquire purchasers more choice for securing the 7% net yield, and to facilitate its sale to our Assquire® investors and ultimately on completion to MA home buyer customers for occupation.

The business model has been selectively submitted for consideration by investment funds we are speaking with, concurrently with us finalising an agreed investment mandate for the first fund, and hopefully subsequent closed end or open ended funds of a considerable size, as we scale to market.

In this way, Investment funds for this and subsequent closed end funds will be simultaneously sought by Haigslea Residential’s Institutional Capital team during 2016 then applied by the Fund manager, on a priority first come first served basis. Mortgage Alternative and the fund manager do not make any promises to take all consumers who register their interest, but we will prioritise early acceptable registrations for progression to acceptance where they meet Haigslea Residential’s credit and insurance criteria, and we expect this product to be exceptionally popular with buyers and vendors as news of it grows. It is possible that some terms and conditions may change from those stated on the websites today, as use of the product grows.

The first sales will occur as soon as all is in order for settlement.

The Role of Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd:

Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd and its affiliated Haigslea companies and their sub-licensed real estate agency service providers will not only manage the customer occupiers and their properties over the ten year life of the fund for client establishment and client/asset management fees (all charged to the fund or Assquire® investor only). We will also manage the ongoing builder, developer, mortgage broker and real estate agent relationships for this same fee payable by the Assquire® investor or the institutional Fund. Property management support from established channels is encouraged from the real estate industry and this can be discussed by phoning 1300 760 213 or email

These relationships are projected to produce many more residential property sales (for you and us and for the benefit of our Assquire® investors and buyers) over the  life of a progressive series of later funds of 10 years that we and our sub-licensed Fund managers will seek to bring to market progressively during 2016 and beyond with appropriate institutional support – all licensed to use this exciting new patented system.

Builders, property developers and real estate agents are now being invited to feed both real estate stock and customers into our qualifying process. Agents can rest assured that, as a matter of policy, we will not be taking real estate from consumer vendors of established homes (Mums and Dads) direct.

Let’s recap then. Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) and Mortgage Alternative collect a book of available builder/developer and established housing stock on our Investor website that meet HRL’s acquisition criteria in areas that are in demand from Assquire® investors and MA customers.

As customers are sourced by or to Assquire® (investors) or Mortgage Alternative (end home buyers living in the home with an extended settlement), they are taken through the book of available stock and “matched” with the home of their choosing. Once a match has been made, in accordance with the Assquire® investor’s choice or Fund mandate, and approved by the Fund’s representatives, the Assquire® investor or Fund acquires the off the plan land or completed home (as they wish) from the builder, developer or other vendor on conventional terms with the Assquire® investor or Fund, with the intent of the Assquire® investor to sell and lease the home over ten years for occupation and deferred purchase from the Assquire® investor or Fund by our consumer MA home buyer, with settlement in up to ten years time.

Licensed real estate agents can introduce to HRL and Mortgage Alternative an “owner occupier” MA purchaser already matched to a vendor’s home (for whom they have been appointed by the vendor) that meets the Assquire® investor’s or Fund’s purchasing criteria. The Assquire® investor or Fund (as initial legal buyer on title until the “owner occupier” settles with the Assquire® investor or Fund) will assess both the property, its value and the intending occupier/purchaser (with assistance from HRL and Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd, and where applicable the Fund Manager and the Fund’s valuer).

The Fund or Assquire® investor acquires the home at the panel valuation or other cash discounted amount. The Assquire® investor sells to an MA buyer at the price agreed as between HRL and the panel valuer, for use with the Assquire® system.

How is the Assquire® Investor or Fund Capital Attracted to this Opportunity with an Enhanced Return?

To access the patented business model, the Fund must pay an IP procurement fee to the IP owners based on the Fund size licensed. For individual Assquire® investors, these must be individually licensed by MAPL on a per property per MA occupant basis. This licensing is part of the Assquire® application process at step 4 of the Assquire® application process explained here.

The Assquire® investor does not charge developers or builders an IP procurement fee, so the non-institutional strategy we have launched with individual investors favors builders and developers. As they access a new sales channel to achieve their full panel valuation supported asking price, the Assquire® investors are simply required to pay certain license fees to MAPL and HRL (which are explained here).

The Institutional Funds are charged an IP procurement Fee by the IP owner, and the Fund recovers this cost and boosts its return (to attract the necessary funding) by charging the developer/builder or other vendor its own higher IP procurement fee which is settled by the vendor developer/builder monthly as a “corporate cost” based on sales volumes with the relevant Fund.  The developer/builder  is thus required to pay an effective IP usage fee (or vendor of an established home is required to offer a cash discount) to attract the new sales channel arising from institutional funding, and to allow Fund investors to commit the millions of dollars in institutional capital necessary to buy and hold the properties for up to ten years for consumer occupation and to derive a reasonable return for Fund investors for the risks assumed.

The fee also  helps Fund investors to recover their IP procurement fee cost which will in turn both mitigate their asset risk and secure the stable and predictable yield based returns they require to fund and finance their Fund’s acquisition of the property. The Fund (in the case of completed stock) settles in either 30 or 60 days with the vendor from date of contract. Off the plan settlements are likely to be negotiated differently and that is a matter largely for the parties concerned.

Fund managers can approach HRL to become Assquire® sub-licensed to run their own MA Residential Funds under license arrangements (MAPL licenses the Fund itself to ensure brand and reputation of the products is protected and to ensure delivery of a consistent standard to the investor and home buyer markets).

Some other important points for you to know:

  • HRL and MAPL do not pay real estate agents a sales commission nor do we pay them to introduce us to builders or developers. Real estate agents are paid their usual sales commissions that they negotiate with their established home vendor clients. They may, however, receive a share of ongoing property management fees for up to ten years (to be negotiated) in the first ten years of operation. HRL simply offer enhanced annuity revenue streams and enhanced sales prospects for agents and their vendor clients through offering access to a new channel of Assquire® investors with a 30% deposit, and Mortgage Alternative home buyers who only require 5% deposit for new and established homes (including for off the plan land sales or apartment sales) and not the usual average 10% -20%. We contend that astute agents will bring this new sales channel to their clients’ attention sooner rather than later, thus creating the increased mobility in capital needed to feed their sales activity elsewhere (i.e. our business model puts money in the pockets of vendors, who usually buy elsewhere!)
  • We will not, as a matter of company policy, take housing stock directly from vendors of established homes, only from licensed real estate agents and developers and/or licensed builders. This policy is to encourage licensed real estate agents and developers/builders to use this new sales channel to bring stock to our Assquire® investors and MA home buyers with confidence and to offer our customers (the buyers and Assquire® and Fund investors) maximum consumer choice and to actively encourage them to bring buyers to our product, not to circumvent them or have them circumvent us. It is all about consumer choice and what will work best for our buying customers, our company and our Assquire® and Fund investors and be workable for developers/builders and  the real estate agency market to bring quality housing product and buyers together for owner occupation.
  • Assquire® investors who are individual residential property investors may buy off the plan but the PAC contract to the MA buyer will only commence upon home occupation. Some Funds may only acquire completed homes; that is a matter for each sub-licensed Fund manager to decide, but we are also working with developers on a possible adaptation to allow off the plan sales there too.
  • MAPL and HRL are not developers, land bankers, or builders. We license and service vendors, Assquire® investors and MA home buyers.
  • PAC investing is easier for builders and developers as there is no IP procurement fee, as there may be with some institutional funds.
  • Construction financing is the responsibility of the developer/builder and developers/builders must negotiate and agree their IP procurement fee sharing (property developers with their builders) between themselves and pay the end IP procurement fee as a package to HRL’s or MAPL’s or Assquire® sub-licensed independent Fund managers and their managed Fund monthly.
  • Once a vendor signs our vendor Assquire® license agreement, the stock will then, and only then, be displayed on our approved list or website for the choice and enjoyment of Assquire® investors and Mortgage Alternative’s purchasing customers  (and for financing by our individual Assquire® investors or our Fund investor institutions).
  • Prior to acquisition and after indicative matching of home and customer (with the assistance of accredited and Assquire® trained developers, builders or real estate agents), homes will be subject to a full building inspection and full independent panel valuation by a registered valuer of Haigslea Residential’s choice at the vendor’s or Assquire® investor’s cost. Such valuations will be in accordance with Australian Property Institute and Banking & Finance Industry standing instructions.
  • Homes must be new or, if an established home, must be  in excellent structural condition. Recent quality refurbishments of bathrooms and kitchens may assist to encourage Assquire® investor or Fund acceptance of the home for its purchase.  We do not guarantee that our Assquire® investors or fund(s) will accept all homes selected by MA buyers.
  • The GST Margin Scheme is not able to be applied under our fund’s sale and purchase agreements with the vendor. It may be applied under the non-institutional individual Assquire® investor contracts.
  • Price range is currently likely to fall between $250,000 to $1,500,000. Subject to the views of our preferred institutional funders and their preferred lenders, most stock accepted by the Fund during calendar 2016 is projected to be between $250,000 and $1,500,000 for detached homes and  apartments, although a smaller percentage of the Fund may accept homes and apartments as high as $1,800,000. That is a matter for future consideration by us with our sub-licensed Fund managers and the relevant Fund’s Investment Committee for and on behalf of the Fund investors. We or they may change these thresholds during the course of calendar 2016, if there is a compelling reason to do so and the Fund investors agree. We or they may also place limits on the number of or value of off the plan sales, as part of an individual Fund’s portfolio.
  • The IP owners reserve the right to increase the IP procurement fee sought from the Fund if the Fund increases the pre-agreed IP procurement fee it charges to builders/developers based on market and other factors, until a vendor and joint marketing agreement is exchanged, or if required by Fund investors to complete their financing, although we project (but do not assure) that this will not be necessary in most instances in the current market. We may also decide at a future time to reduce these fees  in future years if the IP owners and our Fund investors agree to do so, having regard to future market and/or economic conditions.
  • Homes should initially be located in Southeast Queensland, Sydney or Melbourne (although consumer demand will dictate location in the medium to longer term). We will be expanding to other cities in due course.
  • Homes acquired may predominantly be detached and semi-detached houses, however some  apartments will also certainly be accepted. 

If you are a builder or developer with a pipeline of stock in Southeast Queensland & Greater Melbourne or a real estate agent keen to enhance your sales for your clients through a new sales channel at a respectable price but with modest vendor discounting  from panel valuation to get access to this new breed of potential buyers who do not have the usual bank deposit, stamp duty, legal fees and lenders mortgage insurance hurdles to jump over, and you are interested in learning more about working with Mortgage Alternative, then please get in touch with us below with a view to engaging with us, as the first step towards ultimately signing our vendor agreement and beginning to get your stock on our approved list and/or Investor website for viewing by our growing Assquire® investor and MA buyer base (please include a business hours contact number in the message form). You can also reach us toll free on 1300 760 213: